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Love notes


"Wonderful! So a friend of mine recommended Belly Butter for a deep nourishing salve. I had an awful scratch on my arm and was worried it would leave a scar, so I applied the balm several times a day and I couldn't believe the difference in appearance within 24 hours. This is a gift I am giving my newly pregnant niece. I wish I had known about this product when I was having babies! It is so smooth, easily penetrates the skin, and goes a long way. She's going to love it!" - Annie

"One of the best natural diaper balms! No itching, no irritation, and no chafing. Bum Butter is also great as a general balm on small scrapes and cuts." - Deborah

"Love, love, love" - Natalie

"Mandarin and Lavender Baby Oil is simply amazing. It keeps my daughter's skin hydrated and it is USFA certified. Love it!" - Elizabeth

"Wonderful product. Baby Powder is certified organic with absolutely no talc, which is really important to my husband and I. It has a silky feeling with a light fresh scent. Highly recommend." - June

"Finally a nursing oil that does not have to be wiped off before nursing! A must have for all nursing moms." - Charlotte